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Riverdog Farm is one of our all time favorite farms to work with due to the impeccable quality of their local, organic goodies. Their pasture-raised hogs live on 50 acres of organic land and enjoy an all organic diet that consists of organic vegetables and grains, pasture, Cowgirl Creamery whey, foraged black walnuts and acorns and organic feed. Riverdog Red Hogs contain a mix of Wild Boar, Duroc, Tamworth, Chester and Berkshire. And with the first bite of this delicious sausage you can taste the difference!

Please note this is a subscription only product. If you’re interested in a one-time purchase, the minimum order is 3lbs. Please reach out via email or text: or 916-572-6179. Thank you for your support!

The possibilities are endless!! Eat it for breakfast, add it to salad, make a sandwich, put it in jambalaya, use it as a substitute for a hot dog, add it to your plethora of things on the grill… So I guess the better question is when would you not eat it?!?


No known allergens

Each pack of regular sausage links weighs approximately one pound and includes four links per package. Each pack of small sausage links (about breakfast sausage sized) weighs approximately one pound and includes about eight links per package. Please note this product comes frozen.

Photos by Bruno Kelzer and  Rachel Clark on Unsplash


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