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4 oz vial

Guys, this is a great deal for Big Sur Salts! In the midst of covid’s first few months of mayhem, we pivoted like many other businesses and as there were no jars to be found anywhere – we decided to try vials instead. Well, jars are back but we still have some vials, so enjoy some of California’s finest Pacific Coast sea salt. This feels like one of the silver linings to come out of covid..

Procuring this 100% hand-harvested salt requires adventurous harvesting on the rocky Big Sur coastline, followed by a complex dehydration process that relies on several environmental factors. The big effort that it takes to get it is rewarded in the final product; a pure, delicious bridge to the natural world in tiny crystal form. Available in coarse salt texture, use this as your pièce de résistance during final plating or replace the salt in your signature recipe. Pico Blanco is an all-natural substitute for everyday seasoning needs. This serves as the base for all Big Sur Salts blends.

Spanish for “White Peak,” Pico Blanco is perhaps the most recognizable mountain in Big Sur’s Santa Lucia Range. Located at the northwestern end of the Los Padres National Forest a few miles south of Monterey, Pico Blanco splits the north and south forks of the Little Sur River. It boasts a prominent 3,709 foot peak containing the largest limestone deposit in the state of California.

Ocean Mist

California sea salt

Pico Blanco is your everyday salt
A fantastic finishing salt post-plating
pour into your favorite grinder.

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