California Grown Olinda Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Y’all I’ve been on the hunt for some mouth-watering, California grown, everyday extra virgin olive oil for a loooonnnnggg time, and finally – here it is!! Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is natural, in-season and super fresh. Once the olives are harvested, they’re pressed in less than two hours.

This olive oil is perfect for all occasions – I cook with it, dip bread in it, and use it in salad dressings. But most often I drizzle it on a meal to add some healthy fats. I literally just did that to my eggs and greens this morning 🙂

This oil has front notes of ripe olives so the fruitiness is off the charts giving it a very pleasant, round taste. It’s a little woody, has a touch of black pepper, and just the right amount of bite or pungency.

100% extra virgin olive oil

100% extra virgin olive oil certified by the California Olive Oil Council
Grown in California
Made in California

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60ml, 500ml

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