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A note from Danielle: At Goodful, we strive to work with the best, high quality, small food producers and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be working with Five Mile Ranch based just about 25 miles from Sacramento. They produce the highest quality dry-aged beef and we’re so stoked to be able to share that with you all!

Five Mile Ranch Dry-Aged Ground beef is filled with incredible flavor, and is unlike the average ground beef you’ll find at conventional grocery stores. Each pound of Five Mile Ground Beef is “Single Animal Sourced”, meaning that each package contain beef from only one single animal. The ground beef is a 80/20, meaning that it is 80% lean and 20% fat.

From Five Mile Ranch:
> Our cattle are raised on our family ranches and harvested locally at a USDA inspected processing facility.

> Our cattle spend their entire lives on pasture and are raised using exceptional animal husbandry practices.

> Our beef is finished on pasture grass and steam-rolled barley to ensure our beef is consistent in taste, marbling, and quality.

> Our meat is always free of added hormones or antibiotics, and our cattle are never fed any genetically modified feeds.

> Our beef is Dry-Aged for 21 days for superior taste and tenderness.

Perfect way to enhance your favorite recipes and is great for classic meals like burgers, casseroles, tacos, and meat sauces.

80/20 ground beef

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