The Luxe | Specialty Bounty Box is perfect for aspiring & seasoned chefs! For $125, the Luxe BB will include all the best produce that we offer in our regular Bounty Box, such as mushrooms, microgreens, fresh herbs & other specialty items as well as premium pantry products such as award winning olive oils, artisan sea salts & locally grown nuts. This Bounty Box is a wonderful gift and maybe even better as a special treat for yourself!!

Please see this week’s menu for current Bounty Box contents. This week’s menu is in the images  Select it, then just hover over it to zoom in. Please note we do our best to get those exact contents, however due to weather, supply chain issues, labor shortages & other small farm/business issues, we may need to substitute some items should they become unavailable. We appreciate your understanding.

Delivery Schedule: as of February 2023, we’re delivering Bounty Boxes every other week. Our next delivery will happen on (approx) Wednesday, June 12th. If you select weekly deliveries, we will deliver biweekly but notify you as soon as we get back to the regular schedule. Please email or text us if we can provide any further info. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

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