BRAND NEW | Sunflower MicroGreens by EcoFriendly Greens


ORDER NOW >> Rafael from EcoFriendly grows the most incredible microgreens. The first few I tried were carrot, onion, arugula and the salad mix. And believe me when I say ALL OF THEM were so delicious!! I have to admit, the carrot and onion were my favorites. I put the onion on top of open-face sandwiches, a curry stir fry dish and on a lemon caper lingcod dish I made – check our IG, they were soo yummy. If you want to eat them plain or on avocado toast or something, def try the carrot or arugula. Seriously though, you can’t go wrong with these! And check out the nutrition info below.

4 oz compostable pack of microgreens

Sunflower microgreens

Microgreens’ nutrient contents vary slightly, but most varieties tend to be rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper. Microgreens are also a great source of beneficial plant compounds like antioxidants. What’s more, their nutrient content is concentrated, which means that they often contain higher vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels than the same quantity of mature greens.

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