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If you’re a Bounty Box subscriber, you’re very familiar with Strutz Farm because we absolutely LOVE working with them! They’re one of our farms that utilizes permaculture practices to tackle all the farm’s challenges and we think that’s soooo cool. As with all their produce, this sauce has incredible flavor – it’s delicate, pretty smoothe and has just the right amount of herbs.

Use this beautiful sauce in pasta dishes, with chicken or eggplant parmesan, to make pizza or calzones, meatballs, sloppy joes and more! Really the options are endless. We’ve even added it to the pot of veggie soup instead of seasoning it! Here’s some more ideas just in case 😉

fresh early girl tomatoes. tomato paste, fresh onion, white wine, lemon juice from concentrate, fresh garlic, dried chili flakes, salt & pepper, dried Italian seasoning & olive oil

no known allergens

32oz jar

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