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The Regular Bounty Box | Every week the Bounty Box includes gifts from Mother Earth including 13-18 different types of vegetables, fruit & fresh herbs plus a fresh baked good! The Bounty Box is approx 12-14lbs, mostly vegetables with 3-5 fruits and is great for a household of 1-2 adults. If the household is eating a lot of produce you should be able to get through this box in 1-2 weeks. And fortunately, our produce is so fresh that it’ll easily last that long!

The Mini Bounty Box | Every week the Mini Bounty Box brings gifts from Mother Earth including 6-10 different types of vegetables & fruits. The Mini BB is approx 6-8lbs and is always half fruit and half veggies – and all those veggies are no-cook. So you can make a couple salads or sit down with some hummus or dip and get through all the veggies in the box. Eat the fruits as snacks and easy peasy – you’ve consumed 8lbs of delicious, organic and incredibly fresh fruits & veggies! This box is generally recommended for any sized household that cooks at home a couple times a week & wants fresh, healthy snacks. It’s also a great way to simply test out our Bounty Box!

How It Works
1. Select which Gift Subscriptions you’d like to gift to all the wonderful people in your life & add them to your cart

2. Decide whether you’d like a holiday card to accompany this lovely gift. Here are the details.. Please note this is the actual card that will be mailed to your gift recipient. We will also add a little sparkles to the first delivery

3. On the Checkout page, check the box (below Billing Details) that says ‘Ship to a Different Address’

4. Enter the recipient’s full name & complete delivery address. If you’re gifting more than one Bounty Box (you beautiful little thing, you!) please include details for one of the recipients and we’ll reach out for the remaining info

5. Just below that section you’ll see Order Notes. Please enter the recipient’s mobile phone & email in that box. This will save us all a little back and forth

6. Once your Gift Subscription is purchased, we’ll email you within 24 hours to finalize any remaining details

7. Your Gift Subscription Recipient will receive a letter (and handmade holiday card if the gift wrap option is purchased!) from us with all the details of the beautiful gift they’re receiving! We’ll then follow up with an email to set up the start date and delivery frequency.

If we can provide any further info, please text us at 916-572-6179. We’ll get back to you asap!

The first three images are of the Regular Bounty Box. The fourth image is the Mini Bounty Box and the last image is a sample menu, so you can see what it’ll look like

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